Environmental Destruction Through the Eyes of Children

Climate change, pollution, and the way we are treating our planet have become a global issue, and this series is my personal crusade in bringing awareness to it. Once I recognized that we were facing a crisis I wanted to use my photographs to voice my deep sense of concern for the next generation. As a father I strongly believed that I had a moral duty to take action and as an artist I wanted to be a humble catalyst.

The background images of the earth originated from NASA, astronauts took them from the International Space Station. I digitally enhanced these images and superimposed portraits of children from around the world that I photographed over the years. I wanted to merge their innocent faces into these perilous landscapes.

In a world fraught with war, pollution, and the danger of environmental destruction, I hope that this Blue Marble series will serve as a reckoning and an awakening for the coming time.

Date: 2011 -2012     Archival ink on torn cotton rag paper (recycled wood frame optional)    Edition: 3  Size 30x20 / 60x40 (inches)