In this series MetamorFaces, the transformed portraits are subtle and disturbing.  The hybrid portraits appeal or perturb our aesthetic senses as we appreciate the creative potential of the basic elements - water, earth, fire and air.  Transformed faces act as a metaphor to our existence where life revolved around the trivialities of outward appearance.  The dreamlike quality of each image, however, draws us to look somewhere beyond the single image, and when we consider several of the images as part of a connected whole, we become aware of a primal quality.  Witnessing stone, wood and water metamorphoses, we begin to peer further into the abyss of our own existence and realize the commonality of our shared experience. 

I am not interested in the way people see themselves. I just want to show the intensity within them through a transformation involving the nature of our world.

Date: 2012 -20014     Archival print on canvas, wood, tile, plexiglass, handmade paper, found material, etc.   Various sizes